Panel Glide Blinds

Panel glide or panel track is stylish and alternative of old, traditional vertical blinds. They are made with a flat fabric panel, these are customized on your own choice, color or even with individual slates. They look more premium and feel like a royal theme.

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You can choose like you want for your home décor form a very big range, from blackout to sunscreen or translucent fabrics, which are all available in a verity of shades that can offer you light and privacy all the way. With these large vertical panels that will create a stylish and attractive look.

One of the most significant features of this panel glide blinds is a secure operating system. That will allow access to large windows and sliding doors.

Features And Benefits:

Tracking System: 

These blinds are lightweight and easy to operate.  This track is very slim and discrete.

Removable Panels:

The panels of these blinds can be interchangeable. You can change the colors or your panels to give your décor a new look.

Timber And Aluminum Battens:

There are many options to add-ons. You can add lacquered cedar, stained cedar, painted timber, or aluminum patterns. You can create your home look as you like, casual or formal.