Multipelmets are more of a luxury type. They provide a luxury sense to your home and office. These are places on the top of the window and give an excellent looking finish to your windows coverings and blinds. These extra accessories can provide your home or room with an additional element that can help to perfect your overall room décor.

It can add a creative and attractive appearance to any room while providing a structured look. They not only can add a perfect finish but also plays an essential role in insulating your home as they look like a roof. With the insulation of these, you can save up a lot of on your bills in summers and cold weather.

At imperial windows furnishing, you can get as many looks in Multipelmets as you want or like. Our pelmets are custom made that will fit into your windows. They definitely will match your home décor with a luxurious looking fabric. You can make them a perfect and permanent solution for your Australian newly built home that will go well with roller blinds, timber blinds, and others.

Our Multipelmets made with UV and PVC. With a variety of fabric and colours like cedar, black, cream, white, and many others. Imperial windows are hare from more than a decade and leading companies in blinds, shutters, commercial blinds, and others. Style is one main feature that we maintain in our any product. We use modern technology to build these products that guarantee you to stay longer and you can live a stylish life.