Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds/shades are one of the most popular and well-known windows treatments in Australia. Well, there are reasons like they are attractive, versatile, and efficient in all thy way. Cellular windows are made with a single and continuous piece of wool fabric that can roll up or fold-up.

Cellular shades come in a verity of pleats, sizes, and colours. Provide you with the complete control of light and air. They provide the highest level of insulation because they have honeycomb-shaped air pockets or also called as the cells.

Cellular shades are specially designed to providing you with energy efficiency, which can affect your home bills. This honeycomb design is not just a design, but it is more than that, their air pockets make a layer of insulation between the windows and room.

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These come with two variations, one in single-cell other in the double cell. Or they also are known as single air pocket and double air pockets respectively. These can choose upon your choice, budget and temperature extream of your area. The double cell is more expensive than the single one.

For a cold and hot environment, we suggest you get double because of the offers you a high level of insulation over the single one. With double cells, you can get more energy efficiency and savings on bills. For a moderate environment, a single shade is more suitable.

Cellular shades or honeycomb shades have three options. One is top bottom-up, cordless, and motorized. As the name says, top-bottom up allows you to lower the shades from the top to the bottom. This option is more suitable in privacy needed, perfect for the bathrooms, or in any room where privacy is more concern. Cordless shades are one without any dangling cord. That is perfect for the parents who have little babies in their homes.

The last one is motorized, which is the most unique of its kind and more modern. They are controlled with the touch of a button. Opacity is more refers to the amount of light that transmitted within a given material. Well, there is more than one option in windows. One is sheer,semi-sheer, semi-opaque, and opaque.  The reason behind their popularity, they are available in all these four options.

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That means you can have them in any of your rooms with your personal settings. Chose the sheer shades for maximum natural light, semi-sheer for light flirting, semi-opaque for medium, and opaque for the blackout. Chose the right one for your right room.

Imperial windows furnishing can provide you with the best honeycomb with your personal favourite settings. You can get any material in these windows in any option, size provides and colour. We provide not only these but almost anything in shades, blinds, and commercial blinds, which are perfect for your home décor, office décor, commercial décor, and others. You can check out the market and compare it with us. Material free to contact us.